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"Celestial Necklace" - Opalite

"Celestial Necklace" - Opalite

Golden Hour Jewelry Co.
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Opalite, also affectionately known as the Tiffany or Ice Cream Stone because of its lovely coloring, possesses milky iridescent qualities. Although opalite is man made, it’s unicorn and rainbow-like appearance reminds us to remain cheerful and light-hearted during serious and heavy times. The stone stands for openness, clarity, tranquility and purity. There is no denying Opalite’s mesmerizing beauty - may it inspire a child-like playfulness within you, and remind you to find wonder and splendor in all of life’s simplest gifts.

Necklace includes 8 stones.
This necklace is adjustable with 15", 15.5" & 16.25" length options.

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What's Included:
- Celestial Necklace
- Golden Hour Sticker
- Golden Hour Jewelry Pouch