Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Benefits

    Invite love, compassion, kindness and tenderness into your aura with this infamous crystal of love! Rose Quartz is a crowd favorite when it comes to tapping into your internal well of unconditional self-love and acceptance. Known as the Universal Stone of Love, Rose Quartz is a powerful energy source for all relationships, including the most important one of all - with one's self! Whether you are seeking to heal heartbreak, attract a new flame, or learning to love yourself, Rose Quartz helps crack open our hearts to the tender, nurturing love we all deserve. You are worthy of love in all forms - yes, YOU! Place Rose Quartz on your chest and breathe in its gentle vibrancy for a revitalizing burst of energy.


Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz is a powerful stone that is connected directly to our heart chakras. This stone represents openness, sweetness, and unconditional love. Place Rose Quartz directly on your chest, over your heart while meditating to open your heart to the loving light you deserve. By doing so, you also harness its powers of warmth and emotional healing. Release your tensions fueled from negative emotions and heartbreak by welcoming Rose Quartz's loving energy into your body, and make space for the divine love you desperately seek. Also seek to release negative narratives you have grown to believe around love, and begin to view your relationships from a fresh perspective. Perhaps the relationship you struggle with the most is with your self. Allow Rose Quartz to lead you into a kinder, more gentle and accepting relationship with your self. After all, self-love is the most important kind of love we can harness. Only by loving ourselves unconditionally and treating ourselves with respect, can we then set an example for other relationships in our lives, and the loving energy we choose to accept for ourselves. We even recommend carrying a small piece of Rose Quartz in your pocket daily to serve as a reminder to choose love for yourself and others.


Gift Guide

Give the thoughtful gift of Rose Quartz to a loved one when celebrating friendship, new love, heart break, wedding or baby shower, grief/loss, or even birthdays. Rose Quartz may symbolize a token of love you have for this person, or maybe an intention of love you wish upon them. If you know someone that is planning on welcoming new love (a baby, wedding, etc.), or someone that is healing from a heartbreak (grief/loss, ending of a relationship, etc.) - Rose Quartz is an excellent gift choice to represent loving, healing energy. When choosing a crystal, try to connect with the intention for this gift. Close your eyes, open your heart, and send warm, loving light to this person. Seal this intention with a piece of Rose Quartz so they may carry this energy with them.

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